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December 27, 2018 2 min read

Welcome to the second to last blog of 2018!

Wireless devices are an integral part of everyone's daily routine, but it's important that you check your phone use regularly and slow down if you have to.

Check out these 5 ways to reduce your device use if you feel like you've been going overboard lately.

5. Wait Until Work to Check Emails



Spend the time you get paid to work, working.

Spend the time you are not getting paid to work enjoying your life!

Really, if you think about it, the person you are replying to probably won't respond to you outside of their work hours anyways.

4. Use Airplane Mode More Frequently



In case you don't know, airplane mode is a gift from the heavens.

Once activated, you won't be alerted about a n y t h i n g. It turns off all cellular data which blocks all calls and messages from incoming.

This is a great option if you're trying to practice yoga, meditate, or just get away from the screen for a while.

3. Customize Your Notifications



Getting a notification for every little thing that happens on your phone is completely unnecessary.

We all know the vicious cycle; you get a nonsense notification that leads to you opening up your phone, and then you wind up using other apps for way too long.

Take the time to go thru the notification settings on your phone to save yourself hours of time wasted in the future.

2. Delete the Unnecessary Apps That You Use Too Much



Regularly checking apps that just waste your time is like checking the firdge - you can check it every 10 minutes, but you know nothing new is there.

Eliminating these apps can feel weird at first, but once you realize how much more free time you have as a result, you'll feel great.

1. Don't Eat & Text


Reducing your phone use starts with limiting which times you use it - eating is a great starting point.

Taking the time to enjoy the taste of your food instead of just shoveling sustenance into your mouth will also help you make healthier food choices into the New Year.

Killing two birds with one stone!


Thanks for stopping by, it's about time for me to put down my phone and get outside!

Have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Have an excellent day,
Author / Ice Man
Barrel & Co.

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